Epta Provides Unique Customer Solutions

Epta Central North Europe: Leading Commercial Refrigeration Solutions for Food retail, Convenience, Food & Beverage, and HoReCa.


Discover Epta Group's extensive range of professional equipment, display cases, and custom refrigerated cabinets tailored to the needs of the Food retail, Convenience, Food & Beverage, HoReCa



In our energy efficient refrigeration solutions' portfolio you can find display cabinets, cold and freezer rooms and refrigeration systems. With the help of these solutions you can make your store inspiring and energy efficient with maximized merchandising and cold storage facilities.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Epta's offering includes products and service solutions for retailers equipping medium and large supermarkets: from planning the layout to designing the refrigeration system and manufacturing refrigerated cabinets for all product groups, fresh or frozen, including customized refrigerated cabinets.

Convenience stores

Epta is offering solutions and equipment to meet all requirements of convenience stores including refrigerated cabinets, front and back store equipment and related technology.

Discount stores

Epta furnished many discount stores in the past. Nowadays it is one of the most successful store type because it is selling products at lower prices than traditional retail outlets. They offer a wide assortment of goods.

Specialist shops

Gourmet stores, butchers and specialty stores: each has its own needs. Epta works with specialists to offer complete, high-quality solutions and optimized technologies tailored to the different categories of goods.


Adaptability is now a vital component for thriving in the ever-evolving food and beverage industry. Companies are expanding their horizons, seeking visual merchandising solutions that not only showcase their brand but also drive spontaneous purchases. Simultaneously, there's a growing emphasis on providing sustainable technological solutions that foster economic growth and facilitate innovative shopping experiences.

Utilizing the proficiency of its specialized brands, Epta delivers plug-in refrigerated cabinets to food and beverage sector. These cabinets offer a natural refrigerant option, coupled with unmatched customization and cutting-edge technology, ensuring enhanced market presence and operational efficiency.

Bars and ice-cream parlours

Ice cream consumption knows no seasonality and is now taking center stage in innovative formats like flagship stores and retail outlets. We provide an extensive array of products meticulously tailored for this culinary delight, including refrigerated cabinets for bars and ice cream parlors, as well as refrigerated display cases

Solutions for Beverage

IARP beverage solutions, crafted to meet diverse client demands and evolving market trends. With a blend of sleek design and seamless functionality, our cabinets feature full-glass doors that offer impeccable transparency, superior preservation, and customizable interior and exterior details. The fusion of technical excellence, innovation, and aesthetic appeal makes these cabinets an ideal fit for various settings, ranging from restaurants and bars to promotional spaces in supermarkets.


In response to the requirements of professional catering firms, Epta provides cutting-edge solutions and innovative products. Our refrigeration systems, which encompass cold rooms, are designed to preserve and safeguard food items while delivering exceptional performance and ensuring seamless product presentation.


Excellent conservation and complete protection of food: These are the requirements that large hotel chains place on the refrigeration sector.

Restaurants & Bars

Products that are ultra-fresh, perfectly preserved and attractively presented: These are the elements that make up the range designed for the gastronomy sector.