Förster's Edeka in Fürstenwalde: Service Counter with a Big Advantage


In August 2023, the first Edeka opened its doors in Fürstenwalde. Owner Marcel Förster relies on refrigeration and freezer units from Epta. This is partly because the dynamic system integrated into the Bistrot service counter provides significant ease of operation, especially in times of skilled labor shortages, offering a significant advantage.

His philosophy can be summed up in three words: "Come in and feel good." Creating an inviting atmosphere in his Edeka stores is the goal of independent merchant Marcel Förster. This goal extends to his third Edeka, newly opened in August 2023 in Fürstenwalde. "My motivation and daily drive are to satisfy our customers and have fun at work," says the 44-year-old. Therefore, he places great emphasis on providing a special shopping experience, achieved through numerous regional products, displays featuring new products, and trendy items for young people. Additionally, he prioritizes cleanliness in the store and friendly staff. "I've been told that our store has a more pleasant atmosphere than other supermarkets," Marcel Förster shares. In addition to the new construction in Fürstenwalde, employing 45 staff members, he operates a Nah & Gut store in Lunow-Stolzenhagen and another Edeka in Müncheberg.

Together Successful

Approximately one-third of the 1850 m² sales area is dedicated to the refrigeration and freezer section, which has been fully equipped with furniture from Epta. Förster chose Epta because he had already had good experiences with the refrigeration technology expert in his existing stores and was very satisfied with the collaboration with Regina Ratsch. "If I had a question during the construction phase, a call was enough and someone from Epta was there immediately," Marcel Förster explains. "The refrigeration units from Epta fully meet my requirements: they should be durable and last at least ten years, efficient, energy-saving, and reliable."

Doors for More Sustainability

Customers access frozen products from the Tortuga* chest freezer by Costan, which is set up as an island with head units. In front of the checkouts, there is another frozen section with the tall GranBering freezer, mainly presenting packaged ice cream. The black unit stands out with excellent product visibility – even after multiple door openings. When it comes to refrigeration, Marcel Förster also opts for closed refrigeration units: "In terms of sustainability and cost savings, I believe doors on refrigeration units are essential." Here, the tall GranVista Next refrigeration cabinet with fully glazed doors and transparent handles, positioned as an island, is used. Dairy products, pre-packaged meats, poultry, packaged cheese, and convenience products are offered within it. In the fruit and vegetable section, customers also find to-go products and smoothies in this unit. The merchant highlights promotional items with the flexible, fully transparent Presenter Stage.

Eurocryor's Premium Counter

The highlight is the 15-meter-long Eurocryor Bistrot service counter, seamlessly blending its modern design into the sales area layout. Behind the straight glass top, cheese, cold cuts, and meats are offered. The counter with wood decor not only impresses visually but also functionally, as the Edeka store owner explains: "The dynamic system significantly facilitates our work. We can fully load the counter in the evening, cover it with the night roller shutter, and have fresh goods the next morning. Employees can use the time gained for other tasks." Cleaning is also very easy. The glass structures can be conveniently opened upwards at the front, and there is no need to disassemble anything inside the counter.

Off to a Successful Start
Marcel Förster is very pleased with how his store has been received in the first few months: "There has never been an Edeka in Fürstenwalde before, so I'm excited about our sales. It shows me that we have already convinced the majority of our customers of us and our concept." However, he also observes a change in shopping behavior: "Offer items are being purchased more frequently, even more so than before, and the Edeka own brand is also in higher demand."

*The previous Tortuga chest freezer is being replaced in the portfolio by the newly developed GranOntario chest freezer from the Epta brand Costan.